About Koral Filters

A purpose-driven by passion

An aquarium filled with ornamental fish is a beautiful hobby to be investing your time and money in. It is wonderful to be raring fish and caring for them, and it opens up a whole side of you. Fish can be soothing, and their behavior can help relieve stress and anxiety. 

More and more individuals across the globe have invested their efforts in building ponds and aquariums with these intentions in mind. Fish also bring in the aesthetic to a home, making them an excellent addition to the house. 

Whether you have an aquarium or a pond, every fish enthusiast wants their water clean and clear. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your fish through the clear water, knowing that they are living happily. 

But keeping your aquarium or pond clean requires a lot of commitment and work. 

That's what KoralFilters wanted to solve – to provide an easy to set up, cost-effective solution to all fish enthusiasts. 

The Story so far 

It all started at a time when everyone was trying to invest in ponds and aquariums. The numbers began to climb, but there were on a few products in the market for cleaning products.

Especially with beautiful fish like Koi, which produces a lot of waste, it became a massive challenge in keeping the pond of the aquarium clean. If you are a hobbyist, you might have brought loads of products for your aquariums that did not live up to expectations. 

Eventually, you ended up wasting the hard-earned money that you could've invested on equipment or new fish.   

That's where KoralFilter saw an opportunity. We saw the rising costs that hobbyists were spending on safeguarding their fish collection and keeping them clean.   

KoralFilters was born out of a purpose – to provide an effective cleaning solution for the aquarium and pond owners that was long-lasting and something that 'actually' worked while making it cost-effective so that everyone could afford it.   

 That was how our popular range of filters came into existence. 

We saw the struggles of the enthusiasts, and we understood the problems they were facing. They were worried about their fish, and their main intentions were to provide them with a clean environment to live in. 

So, we innovated.

We introduced our line of authentic aquarium and filter ranges. These filters that would mechanically clean the tanks were not just cost-effective but also non-toxic and did not harm the livestock. 

Our first product that is still in the range is our Original Filter pad media roll that anyone could use in their aquariums to ensure that the environment is clean. 

We brought in more products, this time serving the pond owners. Pond requirements were different from aquariums, and the pond product line came to survive the external conditions and ensure that the ponds stayed clean. 

We also brought in the sock filters to suit the aquarium owners, and these came in multiple numbers since they needed replacement. 

With our innovative product line, we soon became the preferred choice in the mind of the fish enthusiast.

A Top Seller on Amazon

As we introduced our product line, our products made it to the top seller category on Amazon in a matter of time. 

People started loving our product. 

We saw the opportunity in the lack of proper cleaning options for the enthusiasts, and without compromise, we developed a product that any individual can use at an affordable price. 

Our customers loved what we provided them and the satisfaction they received. We took a complex problem and introduced a simple fix. 

Here are a few of the reviews from our top products on Amazon.

"This is now my go-to when I need more filter floss for my aquariums too. Great product and works just how you'd expect it to."

"Very impressed! The price is very good, especially for my needs, it will last me quite a while before I need more. I cut the filter media to the size I needed to wrap around my pond filter."

An Objective fulfilled 

While we will continue to provide a service without compromising quality, KoralFilters are on a journey of continuous innovation, with the fish enthusiast always in mind.